In 2006, Leirdalen Bre og Juv, came to life offering glacier hiking on  Tunsbergdalsbreen (a glacier arm from Jostedalsbreen glacier). In 2008 we carefully expanded to offering canyoning in Leirdøla river.

Fishing in mountain lakes has also been offered as an activity, but is on request for the moment. In 2017, Leirdalen Bre og Juv  changed it´s name to  Fjord Active, and from 2018 we are offering new activities connected to the Sognefjord. 

Fjord Active is a small business, working to show guests the more silent and exclusive sites, with experiencing nature as our number one focus.

We aim to give you memories for life by taking you into the wild Norwegian nature in smaller groups and more private locations.

The last 12 years we have specialized in quiet and exclusive locations and letting our guests become one with nature, enjoy their surroundings and remember the Sognefjord area for the rest of their lives.